Nodular cast iron


Fonderia Quaglia & Colombo also produces ductile or spheroidal graphite cast iron, an iron-carbon alloy in which the free carbon is present in the form of graphite nodules. This combination produces a very ductile and workable material, with considerable yield strength and durability. The addition of alloying elements makes the material highly resistant to acids, to high temperatures, and to wear.

With the use of special heat treatments it is possible to alter the matrix and therefore the mechanical characteristics of the iron. Ductile cast iron is an excellent modern construction material that combines the positive qualities of grey iron with those offered by molten steel. Indeed, with its combination of yield strength, elongation and workability, it provides designers with a wide range of possibilities, which can be used to resolve any problems with their project. Moreover, in many applications, ductile iron can be used instead of molten, forged or electro-welded steel, often providing better performance at a lower cost.

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MaterialRm N/mm2Rp0,2 N/mm2Elongation A%Prevalent structureBrinell Hardness HB
EN-GJS 350-2235022022Ferrite structure≤ 160
EN-GJS 400-1840025018Ferrite structure130 ÷ 180
EN-GJS 400-1540025015Ferrite structure130 ÷ 180
EN-GJS 450-1045031010Ferrite structure160 ÷ 210
EN-GJS 500-75003207Ferrite – pearlite structure170 ÷ 230
EN-GJS 600-36003703Pearlite – ferrite structure190 ÷ 270
EN-GJS 700-27004202Pearlite structure225 ÷ 305


All values ​​are obtained from standard test pieces made from separately cast samples.