Cast iron



  • Ductile iron
    Ductile or spheroidal graphite cast iron is an iron-carbon alloy in which the free carbon is present in the form of graphite nodules. This characteristic makes ductile cast iron very workable and gives it mechanical strength.An important feature of ductile cast iron is the possibility of altering its matrix by means of special heat treatments.Ductile cast iron is therefore a modern building material that combines the positive qualities of cast iron with mechanical properties similar to those of molten steel.
  • Lamellar graphite cast iron
    Cast iron with lamellar graphite, commonly known as grey cast iron, is the cheapest material available in the field of mechanical engineering.It is an easily worked material which, thanks to certain special characteristics (a capacity to dampen vibration, great rigidity, and resistance to compression, shear stress and wear), offers designers optimal solutions at low cost.