Lamellar cast iron


Fonderia Quaglia & Colombo of Legnano, Province of Milan, also produces high-quality lamellar graphite cast iron, also known as grey cast iron: this is an iron-carbon alloy in which the free carbon is present in lamellar form. Its mechanical properties depend on the structure of the matrix and the shape, size and distribution of the graphite.

The positive mechanical properties of lamellar graphite cast iron, such as its resistance to compression, shear stress and wear, its rigidity and vibration damping capacity, as well as its excellent workability, help make it a material which, if properly used, provides designers with optimal solutions to design problems.

To contact the staff at Fonderia Quaglia & Colombo and request information about the production of this alloy, or any other services provided by our Legnano foundry, simply fill out the form in the “Contacts” section on our site, or call (+39) 0331 402473 during office hours: Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 13.00 and from 14.00 to 18.00. The company’s head office is located at number 13, Via Tintoretto, while the production site is at number 145, Via XX Settembre, both in Legnano.

Material Basic Structure Rm N/mm2 σbB N/mm2 σdb N/mm2 E kN/mm2 Brinell hardness HB30
EN-GJL 150 Ferritic/pearlitic 150 250 600 from  78 to 103 140 – 190
EN-GJL 200 Ferritic/pearlitic 200 290 720 from  88 to  113 150 – 210
EN-GJL 250 Ferritic/pearlitic 250 340 840 from  103 to 118 170 – 240
EN-GJL 300 Ferritic/pearlitic 300 390 960 from  108 to 137 190 – 240
EN-GJL 350 Pearlitic 350 490 1080 from 123 to 143 205 – 260

All values ​​are obtained from standard test pieces made from separately cast samples.